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Fright Catalog, family owned, not big corporate stylee...

good youtube link showing the shop & various toys!

Thought i'd post this as i always thought it was a big corporation affair, turns out to be 3 generations of the same family, with a big shop
By Sam_hain
i used to live a town over in shrewsbury ma, Ive been to that store several times. great store a ton of selection for everything and anything you need. they even once had a live size simpsons on couch in their window for sale. they also have cool pt cruisers and coffins that drive around with evil clown jack in the boxs on top
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
I didn't realize Fright Catalog was family owned and had a real shop also. Good to know! Oh, how I wish there was a big Halloween shop like that near me. Well, I guess it's actually not THAT far. It could be a good halfway stopping point on my way to Salem, MA.
Well, I try to support small businesses, & am often on their site getting ideas & links (dreaming of the unobtainable), so thought I'd mention it, plus you are more likely to receive better advice as to purchases with a family affair!
By Sam_hain
really ryan, how could you not know that there was a place called the HALLOWEEN OUTLET in worcester ma. the place is HUGGGE its only bout an hour from here in windsor locks. sooo you'd be looking at what maybe an extra 30-45 mins?? its a pretty cool shop

they have a ton of props and a huge selection of costumes and masks. its way better then say an i-party for halloween...seeing this place is open year round. they also provide for other holidays like xmas, easter etc.
Yes, that's it's B&M address.. looks like the 2 run separately, sensible in the fickle world of commerce.