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By Pumpkin Head
Does anyone else collect these Halloween themed villages? I just found out about them this year and needless to say have become this year's money pit in terms of Halloween decorating items for my house. :oops:

If you have a collection and have any pictures of your display, post them up! I would love to see what everyone has. I'll post pics of my modest display once I get it up. :wink:
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By CombichristGirl
i have yet to get any but would also love to see some stuff. i love em like the little Halloween trees with the court house and stuff all lit up lol
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By Batgirl
I started buying these for my mom during the Halloween season. I'm very picky about the ones I get her though. I never get her anything "cutesy". It must be creepy or cool.

So far she has:
*Mortis Theatre (really cool one!)
*Big Tarantula (add on)
*Hillside Mausoleum (the ghoul that pops up and down is greatness)
*Frankenstein's Laboratory (awesome animation)
*Gothic Ruins (spooky lookin')
*Rest in Pieces Mausoleum (Reminded me of "Phantasm")
And various cool accessories.

I personally have used some of the smaller, non-animated ones (The Mummy's Curse) for pumpkin decorating. I took a small foam pumpkin, cut open a large jagged hole, painted the inside a dark brown and made it look like stones, placed the lemax set inside with lights strategically placed at the bottom and back of the lemax set, and wrapped the outside of the pumpkin in tea-stained cheesecloth to look like mummy wrap. It's kind of like a Halloween pumpkin diorama!

I love these sets, they also make great centerpieces and side table decorations. And I like that you can adjust the volume on the sets with sounds.
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By CombichristGirl
ok ok i remeber thses i wanted the nbc one but was broke at the time. i think id have a set up like train collectors if i had the money . walk in my basement to find another world just chillin out in the middle of my basement lol
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By Batgirl
They are a bit pricey, but usually around this time Michael's has them for 40% off. That's when I grab 'em.
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By amandap80
Anyone out there have their village out this year? I just got mine done last night, 2 curio cabinets full!!! :shock: