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By zombombie
Hi all! Every year, Lego release a couple of different waves of blind bag minifigures. The figures have been all kinds of characters, we've had a king, an archaeologist, an award winner, a guy in a pig costume - to name a few.

But this September, Lego are releasing wave 14 in which every character will be Halloween based!! Check these out:


I will absolutely be trying to collect every one of these, they look great! The characters are:

Rocker Monster
Zombie Businessman
Zombie Cheerleader
Purple Witch
Man Eating Plant
Grey Werewolf
Tiger Girl
Zombie Pirate Captain
Mad Scientist
Skeleton Boy

In total there will be 16 characters, so there's still 5 we don't know. Can't wait for these!!
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By pagemaster1993
I will be picking some of these up. Can't wait to find out what the other ones are.
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By shaft28
Cool, my kid will love these! (So will I)
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By pagemaster1993
I only bought one so far. I got the Zombie Cheerleader. Probably going to buy some more, but they are a bit pricey if you ask me. About $4 dollars for just one figure seems a bit much. However they are pretty cool, so I guess that makes it worth it.
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
At quick glance, my favorite might be the pirate. Just look at his fierce face! They're all great though. The skeleton with pumpkin pail is cool too. I like to think that's one of the Cobra Kai gang at the Halloween party in Karate Kid.
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By nosferatu
I still check your toy blog. We have stacks of LEGO. It used to be City but we are now onto Star Wars LEGO. Big time. We have all the Halloween Minifigures. My personal favourite is the werewolf. Once we started getting repeats, we started buying them from the LEGO store. The assistant could tell us which character was in the pack by feeling it. I thought there must be something in the barcode and it was all a trick but no there isn't.

GUS once recommended a site that produces customised Minifigures. http://www.minifigs.meThey currently have a new horror collection ( famous charachters). They aren't cheap, £12 a pop, but they look great.
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By shaft28
Zombie Pumpkins! wrote:the Cobra Kai gang at the Halloween party in Karate Kid.
Sweep the leg Johnny!

FYI my kid has everyone of these (minus the mad scientist) and has them out in his room. They are great!