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By chuckwagon
Has anyone picked up any goodies in their post Halloween shopping?? I found a few goodies, but not much. Got a round, carpeted pumpkin rug from Target for $1.50, and also a 4ft. tall inflatable pumpkin stack from Aldi's for $7.00... Haven't ventured out anywhere else yet really, but how has everyone else done with finding some super deals??
I went to both Wal-Mart, Target, and Spirit to see about sales, and they didn't have much to look at. I was eyeballing somethings at Spirit, but didn't have the money at the time to get them. Unfortunately they must have sold out or took them back to the stock room.
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By keifferone
I hit Micheals and target for some more pumpkins picked up about 5 for under $20.00. I large and two mini from Target for $8.00 and two medium size from Micheals for about $3.00 each. I might go back to see if they have more. Stock up for next year.
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By oSpriteo
My best deal was picking this up from Michaels for $1.40. ... nival-gate" onclick=";return false;

It was marked down to $6.99 from $27.99 because the clown came off of the display and they had to super glue it back on (you can't tell). Since it was Nov. 1st they applied the 80% off of the $6.99. It will be a Christmas gift for someone i know that collects these.

The other good deal i got was Walmart had a few of the Hallmark pumpkin talkers left. I happened to go around 5am when they were just marking stuff down so no matter what it rang up for the cashier took another %50 off. So i got the talking face for $3 something after two %50 offs. There was some other decorations and candy that this happened on as well. Didn't notice till i got home or i would have bought a bunch more.