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By Raven
I've seen quite a few of these little fellows, and really want to pick up one or two. While searching I found these

While they are a bit more expensive than others you can find, they have some of our favorite movie monsters. I think they are a perfect fit for any lawn or garden, or just a nice little gnome by the front door.
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By chuckwagon
Pretty fun stuff you found Raven!! You should check out too. They have some really awesome outdoor stuff for lawn/garden type settings that are creepy, and Halloweeny for sure. Also they have some statues, angels, and crosses that would be perfect for a cemetery type setting!! I could have sworn I saw actual Garden Gnomes that were just skeletons, but still had the boots and pointy hats in there too that I thought were hilarious! It's all kinda pricey as well, but it's always fun to window shop IMO :)