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By Dredge
I noticed today that when I send a PM it is showing in my outbox instead of my sent folder. Are these being sent? Im a little confused, and it could result in multiple PMs (which you may have noticed :P )
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By Doh
It will stay in your outbox until the person you sent it to reads it....then it will go to sent.
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
Yep, Doh is correct. It's a handy way to know if your message has been read. Stays in the outbox until it is received and read. And as you can probably see now, I just read both of your PMs, Dredge. ;)
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By Kayo
Hottie McNaughty wrote:Oh. Haha...I thought Dredge had PMS.

hahaha me too... i thought the forum took a new turn for the season :lol: