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Thankfully you Halloween maniacs almost always obey the rules. But occasionally we come across a troll (under-bridge-dwelling type or otherwise) or a spammer trying to push their pills. If you see a post that seems sketchy, you can now report the bad behavior. Don't worry, the troll won't know who ratted them out.

To report a post that you think violates the rules (or is simply offensive to you for some reason) you can click this exclamation icon in the top-right corner of every post. When submitting the report, you even have the option to choose why you think the post needs to be moderated.

Haha, only one smart-alec so far. :P But hey, that's a good way to test how the feature works. And turnabout is fairplay, someone reported your remark, mesmark. :lol:

This reporting feature seems to work nicely. When a post is flagged, as administrator I see a red icon next to the post to let me know it needs attention. There's also a report moderation panel I can view to see a list of all flagged posts needing attention. From there, I can easily make the call to edit/delete the offending post if necessary. And then close or dismiss the report itself. As the user, when you report an offensive post, you can even chose an option that will notify you when the report has been viewed and addressed. In case you need further validation that I got your back. :)

Along with this tool comes other "punishment" options, such as the ability to warn a user, revoke certain privileges, or temporarily/permanently ban them. Hopefully none of which will need to be used. In all the years of this forum, I think I only had to ban a couple people.
Dadja wrote:Another great new feature! This new software seems to be worth the switch.
Agreed. The new features, as minimal as they seem, are very nice and just make the place easier to navigate and use and keeps the place a little cleaner - like the resizing of pics..
For the most part, spam has been quiet here. But for the couple bits of spam that snuck through, you've all been very quick to hit the "report" button, to bring it to my attention. Thanks for looking out, I appreciate the help!