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By Zombie Pumpkins!
If you don't have an avatar yet (or your old one isn't showing up) you can pick your avatar under User Control Panel > Profile > Edit avatar.

You can either:

- Choose from the gallery of avatar choices made available here.
- Link to an off-site image file (by entering the URL of the location containing the avatar image you wish to link to)

Avatar files can be up to 120 x 120 pixels in height/width, with a file size of up to 50 kb.

OMG! :shock: there are patterns in the new avatar gallery that are not on the main site are you giving us clues patch master ? :D because some of these i would LOVE LOVE LOVE for instance the LGM that i selected :wink:
Zombie Pumpkins! wrote:Kayo, no yet-to-be-released patterns are revealed in the avatar gallery. But some might be retired designs, such as V.I.P. patterns from previous years that only Monster Harvest level members had access to.
oh! i really wanted a LGM pattern
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By Raven
For some reason on the old forum I never could change my profile picture. I always had to have my husband do it, I couldn't figure out why it never worked for me. Now I can do it by myself!! WOOT! Of course, now I'm not sure I want to change it. :wink: