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By nosferatu
Internet forums are supposed to be places where nothing ever happens, a few oddballs that rant and rave but nobody listens to and overall about as dull as David Beckham.

This one, however is different. Everyday there are more interesting posts, new people joining, showing their creativity,pictures, art, witty posts and a healthy dose of good natured banter.

Listen up guys, that's not how it works!

I've stopped checking email as there are so many forum reply notifications wedged in there! Every couple of minutes my laptop pings telling me I've got more mail than Father Christmas. Now, I just stay logged on for longer periods because I'm enjoying the posts so much.

I've started using matchsticks to keep my eyes open but even Nosferatu needs his sleep. So, thank you all for making me laugh, sometimes howl and for making me gasp in astonishment at some of the work done. Halloween iis nine days away yet and I need you all to try and be a bit duller, a bit less imaginative.....a bit more French.

Adieu mes amies!
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
As I already said to you privately, it's you nosferatu that has injected much of the informative wit on the forum this season. So you are partly to blame for stirring up so much conversation!

I will agree though (not that I hate this forum) but that there have been a lot of great postings here this month. From pumpkin sealant experiments, to gory party recipes, to voodoo corpse construction, to fond remembrance of childhood Halloween movies. There's much here to keep us inspired and in the spirit. Pun totally intended.

Things may quiet down ever so slightly, as we all put the finishing touches on our coffins and crypts. But I expect everyone to check in around the big day, and then in the week or two afterward we can all brag and show off photos of our displays! Good luck my fiends!
By ZPjames
You know, I was thinking about this earlier. Most forums I join have people who just love to make trouble and there are so many people who argue and make threats and everything. This is the first forum that I have joined that everyone on here is so nice and gets along with each other. Even is someone disagrees with you they still have a positive attitude and take others opinions into consideration. It's funny because this is a "horror" related forum and everyone is so nice, but you go to something that seems so friendly and everyone is bashing each other. But, yeah this forum rocks and I look forward to seeing other peoples creativity and suggestions on this site. :)
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By Italian Pulli
I completely agree this is probably the only forum I have been a part of where people are not arguing about something. This forum just has a great attitude about halloween and i LOVE IT!!
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By SaneInsideInsanity
This is the first forum I acctually have stayed a member of for more then 3 ddays congrats a matter of fact the fact that i'm sitting here typing when btw i'm dying from broncities and a pneonia hence why ive been quite for a few days shows that i love everyone on this site.....even the little bits of banter that go on are all in good fun, and everyone is so willing to help and give advice. :D
love you all...i;m going back to bed

ps I'm majorly drugged up right now so excuse any typing errors
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By Raven
SaneInsideInsanity, I hope you get to feeling better! What a bummer it would be to be sick on Halloween. :(

I have been a member here for awhile, but never posted as much as I have this year. Everyone here is great! Many would think us freaks with our obsession with Halloween, scary movies, gory decorations and pumpkins, but everyone here is nicer than those Halloween haters.

And Nosferatu, you certainly have provided me with many a smile with your posts. This is for you....

Image :)
By The Vlad Hatter
Maybe this is a completely worthless comments, but the only two forums that I am a part of where people seem interested in discussing things and having fun are this one and a horror movie one I take part in. Something about Horror? Halloween freaks?
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
Under the scary masks, the blood splattered freaks are usually the nicest people you'll meet, in my experience.

The cruel people of the world create real life drama and carnage. :( But we nice people just play it out for fun!

Maybe enjoying fictional horror is a kind of release. The good people know the difference between reality and fantasy.

There's a time and place for everything, and I know when to remove my scary zombie makeup (I just prefer to frequent places where it's acceptable).
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By CorpseBride
zombiepumpkins wrote:Under the scary masks, the blood splattered freaks are usually the nicest people you'll meet, in my experience.
Here here.....*clinky*

I agree...this is the best forum I have ever come across. I love that we all are child-like in our love for halloween. Makes me feel like I am not an oddball and that there are many others out there that are just as obsessed about Good old Halloween as I am.
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By Chewy
I wonder if it's some kind of odd paradox eh?

Anyway, I couldnt agree more.

Where I work, we're proud of our non-traditional culture. We also put a lot of effort into ensuring that our leaders are capable of fostering & developing it - but, without engagement from the collective mass it fails. Here, we have something that, from my perspective feeds off of Ryan's energy & the culture he's created and fostered - but all of you perpetuate it.

Well done & let's hope it never changes!
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By matspud
I can't disagree strongly enough with all of you :twisted: :twisted:

This is a dreadful, nicey nicey forum with stupid pointless posts and no good agro or member bashing.:P

Sorry had to do that as my hubby says I would argue black was white and could start an arguement in an empty room. Can't let him down :lol:
perhaps ryan ought to get it linked with SPIRIT STORES ETC as part of a halloween directory...
By Sind3315
Well put. Just like everyone else, I agree that this is one of the best forums I have ever been apart of. Even with Nosferatu apart of it. :wink:

Sadly, I start a new job on Monday and I'm dreading trying to figure out when I'll have my ZP time!! No longer can I obsess over the new posts and waste my day lazily away reading the hysterical comments, being envious over the most creative talents I've ever seen or teasing Nosferatu. :D
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By nosferatu
That's the beauty of working from home. Admittedly, my working day now lasts 12 hours instead of 8 but at least I can join in the fun.

Sind, I would love to say that I'll miss you when you've gone but I won't. Only joking :lol:

I'm sure you'll enjoy your new job testing straight-jackets. If they can keep you secure, then they will hold anyone!

Keep on posting though......when you can.

Keep those sausage recipes coming........they make excellent rat poison.

RavensDestiny made be a Bowie sign which I've copied :P