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Lala wrote:
Mon Apr 16, 2018 4:59 pm
where did all of our cute pumpkin emojis go???
The fact that a majority of visitors now view this site on mobile devices sort of dictated a change in our old pumpkin "smilies." The previous smilies were created at a low resolution. They were beginning to look small and pixelated on the high resolution displays of today.

Also, emoji's have become the everyday standard everyone recognizes. Many people try to type emojis on forums (especially when posting from a mobile phone). So I felt that they should all look consistent, whether the member is picking from the forum's "smilies" or their phone's emoji keyboard.

I've included all the standard ones you might need to express yourself, such as...
:grin: :cry: :surprised: :razz: :kiss:

As well as some fairly common "spooky" face emoji, like...
:jack_o_lantern: :ghost: :alien: :skull: :robot:

I've included less common emoji that I felt fit the Halloween season, for example...
:bat: :owl: :candle: :pie: :man_zombie:

Of course, I also have the ability to add entirely custom designed emoji, so I'll probably do that when the need comes up! :thumbsup: