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By SuperSonic
We see them daily, those who post a lot on the site (such as nosferatu, zombombie, myself, Ryan (yes you :) ), Tkaraoke etc.).

However, what perplexes me is how these work. Is it based on post count? Activity? (Although I doubt the latter).
If it is by posts, then how many posts is required to reach the next rank? If by activity, how often must you be on the forums? It has me going you see, and I'd like to get to the bottom of it.

Curiosity killed the cat you know. :frank:
The forum rank titles below your name are based on your post count. The number of posts required, and all the different ranks possible, are something I don't recall off the top of my head. I occasionally change them to keep people guessing.

I've never announced what the number requirements are for each rank, because I didn't want people posting lots of fluff to pad their number. I like to think that the rank change comes as a fun surprise. We've seen some of our members say things like, "Hey cool, I'm an UNLEASHED Zombie Pumpkin now!"

The ranks represent the life cycle of a pumpkin... eventually transitioning through the death cycle of a Zombie Pumpkin. The first rank is Barren Soil, followed by Pumpkin Seed and Pumpkin Sprout. Eventually you grow, ripen, start to get moldy and mushy, and ultimately become a Zombie Pumpkin of various power levels.
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By SuperSonic
I like bein' immortal. *said in Ragetti's voice from Pirates of the Carribean*
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By Raven
I know I've missed a lot of mine changing, I just don't look at that all the time. I know there was one I liked and didn't want to change, but now I can't remember what it was. It was probably whatever mine is now. :P
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By Kayo
not gonna lie never even noticed them :lol: i feel like i post an average amount so im where i should be for the few years i have been on the forum
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By SuperSonic
zombombie wrote:Immortality. Is. MINE!!!

I do sometimes worry I post too much :( I try to keep it on topic though!

Such thoughts are blasphemy. On ZP! Forums there is no such thing :twisted: