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After the success of The Mummy pumpkin pattern, I continued with my experiments. You must see my creation! A new version of The Bride of Frankenstein. Front view face, to better match the rest of her Universal boys.

The Bride of Frankenstein pumpkin pattern

So have a heart (even if you use the one that you store in a jar on the shelf) and give the Monster his mate!

I know... I couldn't... but Halloween has to be horror doesn't it? So if I HAD to choose it would go to the classics. But we're a long way away from Halloween with many more patterns to come (hopefully!)
Outstanding. A beautiful creation. The reason I have never carved her before was due to the profile pattern being at odds with the other head on patterns, beautiful that she was, however, this is stunning and the mock up glorious. I wonder if there is anyway to achieve a grey lighting effect? As shades of grey suit her.
I absolutely love this version. It looks so good next to Frankenstein. The picture of those 2 next to each other is stunning. I did Frankenstein on a foam pumpkin last year and let my dad borrow it and his wife gave it away without telling me. Will have to do both of these this year for sure. Great job Ryan.