Request a pumpkin pattern or critique the current collection.
By dsasso02
I always carve my pumpkins matching my son's costume... this year he will be a ninja from the cartoon /lego Ninjago... can you guys PLEASEEEEE pretty please make a pattern of it?
By dsasso02
Sorry for the "guys"... Just assumed it was more than one person running the site and is a lot of work!!!! Congrats on the amazing job you do! And thanks so much in advance for even thinking of doing Ninjago! My son will be so happy!
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
Just teasing a bit by pointing out the "guys" thing. There are actually guys that help make this site run, but only 1 artist. :D

Welcome to the forum, by the way, dsasso02. Feel free to stick around and join in the fun.
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By staticfurball
Thats a good idea, my son would love to see a Ninjago pumpkin. he won 2nd prize last year for his pumpkin Ninjago submission to the school pumpkin contest. He used red tissue paper to wrap up the pumpkin and make the hood. and he even cut up toilet paper rolls to make the lego hands. He cut up a yellow plastic bag to glue under the hood so the light of his face would glow lego yellow. I wish I could find a picture to post!