Request a pumpkin pattern or critique the current collection.
Oh, Yes! I love the Peanuts Gang and they are a big part of my "pumpkin patch", which is growing every year. I would LOVE to add some more!
Killed by Death wrote:Bumping this to the top once again but with a twist. This time I'm asking for the whole darn Peanuts lineup rather than a pattern. Chuck, Linus, Lucy, ...the whole shebang. I figure we've waited all these years so the payoff should be worthwhile. :thumbsup:
(I'll be happy with a pattern though!)
Do it Ryan, do it! Seriously these would be a huge hit.
It's as if you are the Great Pumpkin this year! You're just absolutely firing off those old requests as if they were bugging you for some time :roll:

In any case. A MUST for me this year! Fab job! :thumbsup: :twisted:
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