Request a pumpkin pattern or critique the current collection.
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By amandap80
The VIP section has been absolutely primo! Excellent work Ryan!
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By matspud
nosferatu wrote:Now then, now then. What's all this?

8) I know of one little bath scouring minion who will be very pleased.
There is a minion called "VIM" ? :twisted: Not seen him about much :lol: :lol:
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By monstermash
What a way to finish the VIPs. Its a good thing I stopped halfway through carving to check the site for new patterns. 10 is getting carved today. Just need to decide who I wont be carving now.

Bravo on a superb 10 Ryan. :D :)
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By Tkaraoke
I agree! The Monster Harvest was the best yet! The new one will make a ton of people really happy!
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By SuperSonic
Interestingly enough, I'm not to partial to this one. I haven't seen these movies, so I really can't be. I know a Canadian 'round these forums who will be MORE than pleased.

Great job on the V.I.P.'s this year Ryan!
By Ajax
You should check out the movies Sonic, they are a little dated but really great. A very well know director began his career on them and has gone on to amazing heights since :) . They would be good Halloween movies.
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By purple1worm
agreed :D :D all ten are great!!
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By ghostface
Ryan, These patterns are absolutly amazing! Awesome job! :D
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By wookie66
Superb, stupendous, mystifying, mind blowing and all the other descriptive words that i can't think of right now because my 4 year old has me in a choke hold.
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By Crystal
Thank you so much for all this hard work Ryan. You and this site are the corner stone of my Halloween festivities.
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