Request a pumpkin pattern or critique the current collection.
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By ghostface
Me 2! Hocus Povcus is one of my all time favorite movies!! :)
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By suzika
I would love any patterns from Hocus Pocus as I adore that movie!
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By alyssaSF
I think this Halloween classic deserves a pattern. I'd be into anything Hocus Pocus related, but I think Winifred Sanderson would be my top pick. :thumbsup: or maybe Billy.
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By amandap80
I have already watched Hocus Pocus once this year, I would LOVE this!
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By Lala
I think I need a pattern of Thackery Binx, as a cat. Because remember, I did name my black cat Binx last year!!
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By Doh
Lala wrote:I think I need a pattern of Thackery Binx, as  a cat. Because remember, I did name my black cat Binx last year!!
AKA Timothy McGee from N.C.I.S.!
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By staticfurball
Any of the 3 would be great . Billy would make a great pattern too!
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By Ash
Nasty Canasta wrote:The Wife loves this movie, we watch every Halloween season. I always crack up when I see a young McGee (NCIS).
Wow I never realized that was McGee before. I always rooted for the cat. I think this movie is a Halloween classic with lots of good characters that would make an even greater ZP pumpkin pattern.
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By Ophelia Immortal
I really hope this is on the patterns list this year! Would be great if all three witches were in the one pattern, but that would require a very big pumpkin!
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By vibhandaka
Sarah and Mary Sanderson!!! ;)
By randyg4
oohh I can't believe we don't have hocus pocus patterns! It has been a Halloween staple around my house for years. We need it Ryan Plz!!!
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By Lala
Sadly, our kitty Binx has been missing for 3 months now :-( I need a Binx pattern more than ever!

Edited: She came home seriously 2 hours after I posted that. After being gone for 3 months! she needs a pattern!
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