Request a pumpkin pattern or critique the current collection.
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By Tkaraoke
We need the BIG 3 at least. Any characters after that would be a plus in my opinion.
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By sloaner
I think we do need a few more of these. There are so many huge fans of HP, like Burnie Burns :)

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By gatorgrl
Bumping, perhaps there will be a Newt Scamander one maybe not this year but the next? There are going to be 5 now instead of the originally announced trilogy.... :shock:
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By gatorgrl
Bumping, new Fantastic Beasts this November! Maybe a new pattern from the Wizarding World?! I’d personally love to have the complete trio, I’ve been hoping ever since I carved the Harry one which was like in 2003... :surprised:
Wish list:
Ron and Hermione
Draco Malfoy
Or maybe book Harry since it is the 20th anniversary of the first book...
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By Bravo020
I have planned to do all the HP designs available this year as a part of our Halloween display.

This is in part because I had a few visitors last year that had requested if I could do some more Harry Potter cast, and also there was a couple of requests for more of a theme.

So I have chosen to carve all the characters from HP that Ryan has created to date, and I might try and find a Sorting Hat design elsewhere as an addition, Dobby would also make a great addition too.

I have also purchased some pumpkin vine arms and some wands to add into the display (if they arrive from the USA in time), as this I thought would be a great effect to add a little more character to the pumpkin display.

So back to topic again, yes I would be thrilled to see more of the Harry Potter cast available too....
By Ajax
sloaner wrote:
Sat Oct 26, 2019 2:10 am
Very nice. I know mesmark will approve.

Sorry, why would Mesmark approve. Does he have a house elf because he seems like a guy that would have a house elf. :smile: Great pattern Ryan, been a while since I seen the movies but Dobby always made me sad.