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By vibhandaka
Haha Nos! You know what they say "the squeaky wheel gets the grease!". :lol:
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
This will be the final pattern before Halloween. Let's go out with a bang. In addition to the complete set of V.I.P. patterns and Bane which have all just been posted, I thought it fitting to end this season of patterns with a classic theme. And another for the Unique Creations category.

This old manor is built on a strange and barren hill. A place where birds don't sing and animals don't go. They say it's a haunted house, but we don't believe in such nonsense... do we?

Haunted Manor pumpkin pattern
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By pagemaster1993
Looks great, no wonder it took six years to be created. You wanted to make it perfect and that's exactly what it is.
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By monstermash
And a very classy looking house it is too. I like the dead tree next to it as well. Great finish Ryan, as always, you've out done yourself. :D
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By amandap80
What a wonderful surprise this morning! This is just superb. I am so glad I saved 2 gutted pumpkins yesterday! Be careful out there Ryan, and try to enjoy your Halloween. Thank you for making ours fabulous!
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