Request a pumpkin pattern or critique the current collection.
By stormqueen29
This is another good Movie stencil idea. I haven't seen ti yet, but I adore the previews and would simply love to have a minion pattern to go alongside Gru.

Please add this to your list of possibles Ryan.

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By NikkiRae
Bringing a dead topic back to life....I would LOVE a minions pattern!!!! :D
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By Hottie McNaughty
Yeah, I'm super bummed that I didn't print off an extra copy of that one. I'd like to immortalize it in foamy goodness.
By mllinden
Does anyone know the name of the minion pattern from 2010? I file all my patterns alphabetically and can't find it. I know I had it but can't find it! Ugh!

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By pagemaster1993
Yes it was, and I believe that it was available to Monster Harvest members in 2010.
My mom's going to love this one. She seems to have fell in love with these little yellow guys.
By b2b
I finally got a day off from work and was supposed to be doing vast amounts of yard clean-up, but I logged on to the site for a quick peek just in case. How weird! My Sister was asking me only last night why there had been no "Despicable Me" patterns and I had no answer. She now has a Minion waiting on my front porch for her to pick up tonight.The yard can wait. (Sadly, I do not have his brethren from 2010.)
Also loved the newest VIP pattern! I think I have the other two. I hope.
By Ajax
I like the redesign looks similar to a vip you had a few years back but better. Be carving this one for sure for the kiddies and for me of course. :thumbsup:
By Ajax
Does someone have a pic of the original minion from 2010 :?: please post I forget what it's looks like and my patterns are packed away. I'm a sucker for comparing. :)=