Request a pumpkin pattern or critique the current collection.
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By monstermash
So, will there be the 2 other bonus patterns before the 31st?
I know its a blunt question but ive got two naked pumpkins that need to be dressed. I will also have hardly any time on Saturday so i just wondered if any will turn up Thursday/Friday? Cheeky, i know. :P
By Ajax
Maybe it's just a question Mark Pattern. Who doesn't want one of those?
By Ajax
Am I to late :shock: I would like to change my vote to Jar Jar Binks. :wink: Maybe next year. :P

:twisted: There is no question.....the absolute best pattern to add would be DEXTER!!!! :twisted:
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By badgers
A mean snarling foaming at the mouth Badger would top my list :D
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By Donna Destruction
Yet once again, I am begging for Frank n Furter... I shiver with antici----pation when I think about what Ryan could do with this one!
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By Tkaraoke
Since The Cryptkeeper has made an appearance this year I really shouldn't be asking for anything else...but if I had a vote it would have to go to Tim Curry's Frank N Furter. I was listening to the RHPS soundtrack at 4am this morning and thought it was about time the good doctor got some Zombie Pumpkin love.
By Rod
I love this site!
By maegnus
Rod wrote:I love this site!
Great first post!
By ZPjames
ok i know this is off topic but just noticed rod joined a year after maegnus. thought i was kind of funny since it was rods first comment and maegnus commented on it......erm
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By SuperSonic
zombiepumpkins wrote:Key word being "if" :wink: Patterns have been known to burst out of my skull on October 31. Not that I'm saying that will happen, but ya never know.
I belive thats a hint to the costume :)
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By SaneInsideInsanity
I have 2 uncarved pumpkins saved for toorrow incase....23 down tonight whew....2 of my friends endfed up showing :D
By Ajax
We doing this again this year??? :D
By Ajax
Ajax wrote:Update in the scores some people made more then one choice and I added these in as well because it still shows they have interest in the pattern. Trueblood,Wolfman, has made some gain and is now tie with bowie and Charlie brown followed by dexter, Scarecrow from arham asylum, cryptkeeper. Keep in mind Ryans creativity counts for a hundred votes so if he isn't feeling the pattern it isn't happening :D but maybe next year.

sonic 1
clockwork orange 2
bowie 4
Exorsist 1
trueblood 4
scarecrow (game version)3
wolfman 4
Cerebus(3 headed dog creature)1
cryptkeeper 3
pixelated players/Mario/Zelda/Final fantasy 1
Charlie Brown 4
Coraline 2
Bub the zombie Day of the Dead 1
Grim reaper 3
Dexter 3
Evil Ash 1
annie wilkes 1
day of the dead skull 1
Frank N Futer 1
Johnny Cash 1
Sugar Skull 1
Earth Vs Spider 1
Vincent Price 1
6 patterns have been made off this list from last year either as bonus or regular patterns. 8 if you include trueblood as three :).

I stand with my vote for Evil Ash!!!
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By Raven
I always have a hard time saving a few pumpkins for those last minute patterns. This year I have a few people wanting me to carve patterns for them. While they are paying me I am using pumpkins I have already bought, since they are now hard to find around here. They are not ZP designs either, so I'm not to excited to carve them. :) I am trying to hold on to at least one pumpkin for any last minute must carve pattern. With 3 True Blood patterns out I might not make it though.
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