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By Ajax
suzika wrote:This is the first time I checked all weekend, my arms are falling off. I ended up with 33 in the yard, well over 20 of those I carved alone. next year, I do believe I will be dialing back.
I did that same and i'm thinking the same thing for next year to hard to enjoy when you carving until 4 am just to put a face on each kin and up at 9:00 the next day doing it all over again. I didn't leave the house since friday afternoon. quality over quantity next year :).
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By suzika
Friday and Saturday night were all nighters, Friday night I was up until 8.30 Saturday morning, collapsed for 4 hours, then up all night until 6AM carving, then slept and carved one more after I woke up.

My husband was laughing at me. I have carpal tunnel syndrome really bad and I still carve like that. Now, I'll suffer for a couple of weeks. I'm bound and determined to have the carpal tunnel surgery long before next Halloween.
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