Request a pumpkin pattern or critique the current collection.
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By sodajazz
can we have a zombie logo stencil :lol:
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By Dans banana Loafcake
yeah all three of the Zombie pumpkins

By taber
A damn good call!! And a fine one at that!

I second this motion.
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By Dragon
I didn't realize there were three. I just knew of one and did some searching. I found the other two on the t-shirts. I would think patterns of the three would be very cool.
By Jaxter
Yah they should have the zombie pumpkins that would be pretty neat. It's not like it would be hard or anything.
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By mesmark
I tried to make the 2004 logo. I just cut the gif in half and flipped the image. It turned out ok. Here is one of the pics of the Jac

The other 2 logos seem much more difficult.
By Jaxter
For this years you can just put a swirl for the eye. I wonder what next years logo will be.
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By bronkula
who knows, but let's hope it's got great big hair.
By Jaxter
It would be neat if it was spirit of the zombie pumpkins or resurrection of the zombie pumpkins.
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By Dans banana Loafcake
As i seem to be obsessed with white pumpkins shall I thow into the fray a ghots white one for next years Logo? I know its not very traditional but it would set it out from the others? I do think as the site mascotes they HAVE to be made into a stencil.

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By Punk'n'Queen
Dan, I have a white punk'n waiting to be slaughtered and I am wondering if it is a thicker bread? Are there any differences between a orange punk'n and a white one?

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By Dans banana Loafcake
I'm not sure about the white pumpkins being a different breed. I only have one and its very small. I'm too scarried to carve it cos I may never see another one! I know the crown prince variety is grey/blue looking and they're pumpkins but many others that look like pumpkins are infact squashes.

By stormqueen29
White ones are quite common here in the mid-west anymore. Just a few years ago they were unheard of.

They are exactly like orange ones, save for size and skin color. They carve beautifully, and taste pretty darn good as a pie, too!

The white ones here vary from really white when picked young, to almost grey if left on the vine too long.

You can order seed for them from several seed company's here, but I don't know if they ship outside the US.