Request a pumpkin pattern or critique the current collection.
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By paddy_babe
bump! (on behalf of stingy jack of course) :P
paddy_babe wrote:bump! (on behalf of stingy jack of course) :P
Not good protocol to bump & pad out a not even sunk thread that is still near the top & subsequently not in need of reviving..

Anyhow, unless Ryan is extremely creative in the design (& let's face it now is a busy period) is he to convey whop this is to anyone? ..even those familiar with stingey Jack, what features could really make him stand out?
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By paddy_babe
I only bumped it as it was on a different page so I thought it wasnt near the top, and I dunno, Stingy Jack doesnt have any photos, just paintings and drawings. perhaps a big nose? or the devil and cross featured in the pattern?
he was irish so a shamrock on his coat/hat/person
That's what i mean, no photo's to pin down a likeness makes this sort of thing hard, as he's not as blatently obvious as say Darth Maul, or Ozzie Osbourne , Elvis etc, so folks not in the loop would either have to have a note by him explaining the story behind him, which may not be read as he's not immediately recogniseable..

So going off at a tangent possibly, he'd have to be as recogniseable as say the little fella who is the character logo for the fighting Irish team, bow legs n'all as influence to make people look closer, (as they'd vaguely recognise his form initially)???
I guess i'm saying incorporate a well known shape / character as your basis for a relatively unknown one.
Generally it's celts & Halloweeners who'd come close to realizing who it depicted, whereas 90% of folks looking at a parade of pumpkins would just dart their eyes between the lot till they found the instantly memorable depictions, (it's a small timeframe passers by spent viewing over here anyway don't you think)?

For instance, my money obsessed neighbours kid (spoilt with pocket money) didn't know who the lady was on 50% of the faceings of any uk sterling coins :roll: :oops: :x
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By paddy_babe
but where did the original artist come up with the idea of stingy jack? I know the likelyhood of ryan finding time to be able to create a stingy jack from nothing in this busy time is unlikely but I still felt like it was worth a bump.

As for the description to show who the pumpkin depicts, if I carved Stingy, I'd be happy just knowing he was in my display and it being a 'tribute' to the original carver. Also if it was displayed inside or as a centrepiece it would be a good talking point.

I myself dont reconize all the patterns (Ash for example) but I still like them for their look and their artistic value (time taken to create them etc).

I see what you mean about incorporating a known image but if the devil or shamrock is used that might peak interest (which is part of the story).

Its terrible that they dont know who is on the money! (Never had this trouble in Ireland, before the euro, the punt had a harp lol)

I do see your point about it being a differcult design and perhaps not as favourable as Snape or Ozzy due to it being not as known, but I think its more worthwhile BECAUSE of the story behind it, and the shame that the story isnt well-known....and if there was a chance to share it, then yay. :D
Perhaps then, If Ryan were ever to carve it the idea being to stick it in freebies with a link to his history page..
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By paddy_babe
thats a good idea :D