Request a pumpkin pattern or critique the current collection.
Before making a request, you may want to use the forum search page to see if a topic has already been started for it. Reviving old topics is encouraged - keep the conversation going if there's still a desire for a certain pattern.

If you want to post many pattern ideas all at once (for example, if you liked a certain movie and would like to see any of the characters) that's fine too. But you'll have more luck if you create a topic about a specific character/person. That helps keep the posts on topic.

If you can, feel free to post reference photos that you think would look good as a pumpkin pattern. This is especially helpful if you're requesting something slightly more obscure. Visual aids will help us know what you have in mind.

Also, please don't bump posts with just "bump." Try to add some more content to the ongoing discussion. Tell us why you'd like the pattern, or post some more reference photos.