Request a pumpkin pattern or critique the current collection.
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By purple1worm
I second sloth from the goonies!! :D :D
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By Tkaraoke
Sloth gets my vote as well!
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By pagemaster1993
Spirit Store is selling a Sloth mask this year. I also like the idea of a Sloth pattern.
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By alyssaSF
I would like to bump this topic. I love The Goonies and Sloth especially, plus my fiance would be over the moon to carve a Sloth pumpkin. :pirate:
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By The Carver
Goonies never say die! You got my vote!
By lisandoetze
I'm so happy to see so many people already requesting Sloth from The Goonies. I think Chunk would also be awesome. I would definitely make them a pair. I have been feeling a little less excited about my carving this year, but if I had Sloth and Chunk I would be all over that FOR SURE!!! Please, please.
One-Eyed Willy was the most famous pirate in his time. What if these pumpkin patterns could lead to his rich stuff? With the help of Sloth, it's our time down here. Goonies never say die!

Print One-Eyed Willy Pumpkin Pattern
Print Sloth Pumpkin Pattern

I took some extra time to produce this video above, actually carving these two pumpkins and dragging them into the woods with candles and props. :surprised: I hope it makes you happier than rocky road ice cream. :lol:
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