Request a pumpkin pattern or critique the current collection.
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By emilymegan
Actually, it was the photo on the back of the coverjacket that inspired me to ask. It almost lends itself to a pumpkin carving already. I'll see if I can find it online and if not, I'll post a photo from the book.
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By nosferatu
Funnily enough, that's how I imagine most of the houses in his books look like. Shame, there isn't a mutilated corpse on the porch.

With regard Mr King himself, I suppose given his longevity, the question would be what image of him to use? Young, old, with beard, with glasses or without?

My personal preference is when he was slightly younger, mid 80's - the decade, not him, when he used to wear what optometrists called "serial killer glasses".


This particular photo looks like it was taken in a prison somewhere, you just can't see the cuffs. Strangely, whenever I hear the term serial killer, I always conjur up an image of Stephen King. Maybe its my subconcious associating him by default due to thousands and thousands of pages of blood, suspense, horror and REDRUM.

I suppose the difficulty with glasses is that they prove a nightmare for Ryan.
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By emilymegan
Luckily the image I've seen has no glasses; and I still can't find a copy of it online.

I have seen his house, but I didn't know whose it was at the time !! We had taken an overnight shopping trip down to Bangor and driven past it. I remember thinking "Oooooh, what an interesting house.....".......and then we hit a mall and forgot all about it, lol. Only a few months later, I saw similar pictures online and could have kicked myself for not getting a picture ! Ah, well.

I'd love to go down around Halloween, but I'm too busy then :)
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By emilymegan
Just bumping seeing as we are only 52 days away from the BIG DAY !!!

Anyone else for Stephen King, Master of Horror ?
By Ajax
I really enjoyed and was impressed by Ryans take on Vincent Price and Edgar Allan Poe and would love to see more stuff like this. I think Stephen Kings Image would be well recognized and will bump this for 2011.
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By Jack Carving
I came on here looking to start a thread about getting a Stephen King Pumpkin pattern made, much to my delight, one such thread already existed. So in that regard, I would like to add my voice to those who've already requested it. A Stephen King pumpkin pattern would be fantastic. Please add it to what I'm sure is an exceptionally long to-do list. :)

- Thanks for reading.
Jack Carving
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By Donna Destruction
I would definately be carving a Stephen King pumpkin if Ryan were to give us one. He is one of my favorite authors and I can't think of anyone creepier!