Request a pumpkin pattern or critique the current collection.
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By cyberdman
How about some kind of Reaper? Reapers have always been my favorite scary monster-thing of the season. There's just something about hooded, robed skeleton creatures of death. :D
By reignman40
I would like to see that too. ZP originals always have a nice look to them.
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By cyberdman
Yeah I have always loved that certain warped sense that is the mark of our beloved Patchmaster.
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By Tkaraoke
Sign me up for that as well!

I usually avoid making requests for patterns I've already seen before and don't take in account of Ryan's weird sense of artistry that takes an old idea and puts his unique spin on it. For that I need to be punished!
By CanadianCarver
Count me in for wanting a Reaper stencil as well!

By arcane_reaper
i agree reapers are awesome, no doubt about it! it would be cool to have a reaper pattern
By cengland
Correct me if I'm wrong but there isn't a Grim Reaper pattern available on ZP yet and this seems to be a must-have for any jack-o-lantern stencil collection!

What do you think, Ryan, care to do a little dance with the Reaper? :D
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By gregh3196
grim reaper would be another must carve for me also. Already cant wait for next year! :)
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By Pumpkin Head
I would LOVE to see Ryan's take of the Grim Reaper! That would most definitely be on my "to carve" list for this year! :wink:
buhdewsy wrote:"Don't fear the reaper"
Count me in on this pattern
same for me a zp pumkin person with a scythe or owt!
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