Request a pumpkin pattern or critique the current collection.
By shanan cummings
:idea: Would it be possible to do a template of the "Pumpkinhead" monster? He is so wonderfully creepy! Check out IMDB to see what he looks like. Thanks again for the fantastic Tim Burton designs!
:twisted: SRabbit
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By Pumpkin Head
That would be a great stencil!

Now, why didn't I think of that?!?! :wink:
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By pumkin-lights
just looked it up on the imdb then i noticed the pumpkin karver movie WOW..........
By reignman40
Yes agreed. This would make a very nice pattern.
By stormqueen29
What's IMDB ?
By arcane_reaper
pumpkinhead is so cool and yet creepy. would look awsome ZP style. :twisted:
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By brandon_fear
I agree this would be a good pattern.

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By pagemaster1993
I remember seeing this guy. Never actually watched or payed attention to the movies, but always wondered why he was called Pumpkin Head? His head is not very pumpkin shaped to me.
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
Inspired by a recent viewing of the movie Prometheus, I was just scouring the web, reading all about the different variations of the Xenomorph species (from the Alien movies). And I also looked through a lot of H.R. Giger's art online.

So maybe it's just because I have the Aliens in my brain at the moment, but the design of Pumpkinhead reminds me of the Aliens a bit. The claws, gangly limbs, protruding ribcage, and of course that elongated head shape. But Pumpkinhead looks more organic, and not as bio-mechanical.

Fun fact: Special effects master Stan Winston worked on the creature effects for the second movie "Aliens" and he also directed Pumpkinhead. His effects studio created that title creature too, of course.

Anyway, as for the topic of a pattern of this beast... he may not be as recognizable to the general public, compared to other movie monsters, but he sure would look creepy on the pumpkin. And his name is a natural fit.
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By ghostface
Interesting.... I have never seen this movie before. The Pumpkin Head character looks quite creepy. I think I'm going to have to check this movie out.
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By brandon_fear
Love the Pumpkinhead movie. I got to meet Lance Henriksen last year at a horror convention and he was so nice. I had a great experience meeting him.

I agree, it might be difficult for the public to recognize the image. I might try to work on a stencil somehow to see what works.
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By monstermash
Perhaps his looks and his great name could be inspiration for a unique creation. I did see the film years ago and wasn't too impressed but the look of Pumpkinhead himself was worth remembering.
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By SuperSonic
I think this would be a really cool idea, even though I haven't seen the movie. I like this guy! Too bad his head isn't a pumpkin. :P

This gets my vote. Yet a better question remains. Where is the Haunted House?