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I'd love to see Ichabod/Katrina/Brom Bones from Disney's 1950 classic cartoon. I grew up watching it every year (and still do!).

OrangeAndBlackPumpkins dot com did a passable Ichabod a few years back, but:
a) that site is like ZombiePumpkins! if you ordered it off Wish (and seemed like blatant plagiarism most of the time), and
b) the site is owned by someone else now and has <ahem> different content these days.

ANYHOO, I think classic Ichabod would be a great addition to the ZP! repertoire.
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Meet Ichabod Crane, the nervous schoolmaster of Sleepy Hollow. Tall but exceedingly lanky. To see him striding along, one might well mistake him for some scarecrow eloped from a pumpkin patch.


Ghosts are bad, but the one that's cursed, is the Headless Horseman. He's the worst. They say he's tired of his flamin' top, he's got a yen to make a swap. So he rides one night each year, to find a head in the Hollow here.

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