Request a pumpkin pattern or critique the current collection.
By jessiquina
oh please! i would LOVE to have the RHPS lips.. or any stencil from RHPS! its my favorite movie.. come on guys... i'm shivering with...
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By shutterbug
...You are all GREAT!!...I don't know how I missed this thread all this time!...Anything from RH would be GREAT!...kinda neat...I do have my own VHS of the show, but now I have to get the DVD!...only seen it 34 times!!! far.
By rzeznik
c,mon-this would be so cool
i think there was talk of it last year not sure what happened
frank-n-furter would totally rock my world!!!!!!!!!!
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By CorpseBride
YES!!!! OH WOW!!! I can't believe I never thought of this before! Rocky Horror would be amazing idea man!
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By Tkaraoke
Just thought I'd bump this one...
By rzeznik
this would be the most amazing thing-i would carve anything from rocky horror-riff raff with magenta? frank-n-furter? the lips would be cool too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
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By Wile E. Coyote
I would love the lips too with the logo or any of the characters would be such fun to carve, specially Frank.

My, what charming underclothes you both have....
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By St0ney
Why would anyone want Rocky's lips as a pattern?


*slows down re-reads thread title*

Oh! "Rocky Horror Lips" - Now That"s much different !

LMAO ! :lol:


With a bit of a mind flip
You're there in the time slip
And nothing can ever be the same.
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By keithk83
Great idea! any mentioned... I have to go and watch RHPS again now. The songs are playing in my head. :lol:
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By 500cdn
RHPS Would Be A Great Addition To The Collection
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By CombichristGirl
this thread is great rocky all the way
tatattouch me i want to be dirty . . . lmao
By ZPjames
yes we need that "sweet transvestite from transexual Transylvania"
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