Request a pumpkin pattern or critique the current collection.
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By Donna Destruction
zombiepumpkins wrote:
Donna Destruction wrote:Thank you Ryan for such sheer genius! BTW - Want to marry me? :lol:
I've heard similar offers around here. I think marriage to the Patch Master might be one of the prizes for the Cream of the Crop carving contest this year (so be careful Dadja, don't make your display too good)
Well, it's a good thing I have started carving already! :lol:

I ran straight home last night and carved this one up.
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By nosferatu
No pumpkins! Might do him on my desk or the bonnet of the first orange car I see
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By shutterbug
O M G !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...just got back from a business tour & YAHOOEY !!!
Definate carve...Riff Raff would be a good one for next year...or Magenta...or ...Good choice Ryan...
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
Watched the movie while working on this pattern, got me feeling inspired about the whole thing. The other characters would be good patterns too, especially Riff Raff with that hair, dark circled eyes, and sharp cheek bones.
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By CorpseBride
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fantastic!!!!!!!! How the heck am I going to carve all these this year?!? Dam you nursing school...dam you to the core. :wink:
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By SaneInsideInsanity
I'm in the process of making a dr frank tshirt with this pattern will post when finished!
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By pagemaster1993
I never seen RHPS yet, but every time I see that Frank pattern look at me it sends a shiver down my spine.
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By Donna Destruction
shutterbug wrote:...nice one Donna...
Thanks! I am having a hard time deciding what the next one is going to be. I have another 6 large foamies, 2 small foamies and at least 1 real pumpkin to go.....
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