Request a pumpkin pattern or critique the current collection.
By vertigo
I would love to see Magenta and Riff Raff-and what about Meatloaf as Eddie? the possiibilities are endless with this one!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
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By amandap80
OMG, I would love to do a Frank N Furter pumpkin!!!! Any RHPS stencils would be awesome. Can you imagine explaining the pumpkin to kids?
"Well, little Johnny, he is a transvestite...."
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
amandap80 wrote:"Well, little Johnny, he is a transvestite...."
:lol: Well if there's one thing I always felt this site was lacking, it was singing alien transvestites. I'll see what I can do about that. :kiss:
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By Tkaraoke
Holy Frejole! How could I have missed this thread...

I would *kill* for a Frank N Furter pumpkin! ROFL

There is a RHPC karaoke disc out and every year I sing "Sweet Transvestite" from it. My goal in life is to find a gal who will sing "Dammit, Janet" with me...then I'd marry her!
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By amandap80
Tkaraoke, I sing all the songs. I would even sing 'Damnit Janet' with that an offer? :kiss:
We could carve together into ripenedness.....
TaTaTaTaTouchh me!!!!
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By Steve-o
I see you shiver . . . with antici . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . pation! :)

This line of stencils would be pretty funny/cool! Would we have to have our newspapers, squirt guns, toast and rice at the ready when carving them? :D
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By Tkaraoke
amandap80 wrote:Tkaraoke, I sing all the songs. I would even sing 'Damnit Janet' with that an offer? :kiss:
Damn! I knew I'd find someone here that knows the classics! lol
I'd love to sing "Hot Patootie" but that damn Meatloaf is just too way up there for me to sing.
amandap80 wrote:aTaTaTaTouchh me!!!!
My boss sings that one every other Halloween. I just can't get her to sing any of the other songs.
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By Tkaraoke
I was so upset tonight! I did ST for the first time this year at karaoke and nobody yelled, "Say it!" during the long pause between "antici" and "pation"! I guess it wasn't a hip crowd last night. Sheesh!

Then again they were pretty young kids so they might have never had the pleasure of seeing the RHPS in person.

BTW: The digitally re-mastered picture and sound on the RHPS DVD is freaking amazing! It's a must to own!
By Mommaprov
I would love to have some rhps pumpkins! Did any one see the the time warp is the #1 video of all time according to vh1. kinda cool. I have messed up some young minds by taking them to the midnight halloween show. my husband can't wait until our daughter is old enugh to see rocky and play magic. she has no chance of being normal. :oops:
By radcrow
we need a jump to the left in the velvet darkness for the sweet transvestite from transexual transylvania

the people need, the people want, the people politely ask for any and all rocky horror picture show stencils
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By Tkaraoke
Normal is *WAY* overrated in my opinion! LOL
By reignman40
HERE HERE! Normal is very overrated. And not near as much fun.
By balsak40
Hell I would like just the 'lips' from the opening credits, "Double Feature" on a pumpkin! :lol:
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By Hollow
I have not seen TRHPS in over a decade.

Damn it! Now I am going to have those songs stuck in my head for days!

- "antici"
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