Request a pumpkin pattern or critique the current collection.
By reignman40
Oh totally. That is one of the truly classic werewolf movies. A pattern from this movie would be amazing.
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By Herbert West
This would be a great stencil, and it would nicely fill the Werewolf void on this site.
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By nosferatu
Apologies. It has taken me soooooooo long to get round to agreeing with this request. Been busy, etc anyway

Think that would look great on a pumpkin.

Reminds me, need to make a dentist appointment.
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By jollyoljake
jollyoljake wrote:I would love to see an American Werewolf in London stencil, it's such a classic Halloween movie!
I came in here to agree and cast my vote for this pattern and realized I already had.....4 years ago! I had a feeling that the person who started this thread was a genius!
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By Batgirl

I would flip out if there were a AWiL pattern. FLIP OUT! :shock:
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By Batgirl
I fully support more werewolf patterns!

And I'm not just influenced by the recent blue moon. I'm always pro-werewolf.
"Beware the moon, lads..."

Part of me wanted this to remain a VIP as I like it so much!! But that's just me being selfish! Now everyone can share the horror!
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