Request a pumpkin pattern or critique the current collection.
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By badgers
minion_of_the_pumpkin wrote: lol ok ill stop now
Don't you mean Eye will stop now.
By Lithium_joe
Minion is right.

These eye jokes are becoming corny(a)

zombiepumpkins wrote:
badgers wrote:All in favor say "EYE!!!!"
:lol: Okay, with a comment like that, now I HAVE to make this pattern.
Eye've given up waiting for ryan to make this stencil, though one things for sure after several years these jokes are just as corne-(a)
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By purple1worm
I still like the idea and i'm glad it's been bumped!! Come on Ryan it would be so cool!! Plus you did say you had to !! (enter evil laugh) Mahahahahaha!!
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By purple1worm
bump!!! Please !!!
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By Pumpken
This was my favorite carve I did a couple years ago. I copied it from a photo I saw a few years ago.

Ken, not seen you about on the board for a while, is it still available to be e-mailled?
To me this is an absolutely must carve in the vein (no pun) of ZP origins which brought me to the site

I cannot allow the moss to grow under my feet any longer & will be nipping out & about to find long time suggestions such as this.
I'd greatly appreciate a copy of your design if it comes to hand easily?

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By Pumpken
I'll try to find it and send it to you.
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By purple1worm
Me tooo!!! Please! Unless of course we have one of our own zp Style!!
Nice find, if you look further on theres a whole raft of zombieland themed pumpkin, rollercoaster, Tallahassee & so forth..

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By Tkaraoke
I was thinking about this and I know it's late but I'd still like to see one! LOL
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By staticfurball
I second that, I'd love to se a nasy old eye ball!
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By ghostface
I'd like to see an eyeball! :twisted:
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By Lala
YES! I want an eyeball pumpkin!!