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By Lala
Yes! Baby Yoda. Or The Child. And the Mandolorian too ! My boyfriend would love it
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By Pumpkin Hunter
I don’t want to add any pressure, but my teenage daughter, teenage I stress that. Has asked to join me in carving this year and she is a massive fan of Mando and Baby Yoda. This would make us both so happy. No pressure though.
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By sloaner
Skellington0327 wrote:The preview for the next pattern is a Mandalorian reference! I’m excited for Mando or Baby Yoda or both! Anything from The Mandalorian I’m excited for
Thanks for the heads up. I would be happy with either. Need to hold on to my last 2 pumpkins and see what comes out.
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
Baby Yoda is cool and all, but shouldn't I do the title character first? :wink:


These should appeal to a range of carvers. The Mando helmet will be an easy carve for most. The Mythosaur Skull is a symbol that even old school fans of Boba Fett should appreciate. And the phrase "This Is The Way" could be used to mark the path to your front door on Halloween.

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By Euri
Very slick! I would carve all of these! If Baby Yoda happens to join them, I'll carve that too. Nice work on these, Ryan!