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I've only had time for the first half of the first episode, but I like the idea. Definitely has the 80s "fun" horror vibe, with the twist stories and practical effects. Good cast of guest stars, and some talented directors and special effects people. The anthology stories never outstay their welcome. Good creepy fun!

Like a horror comic book come to life, this gaunt ghoul watches over a series of terrifying tales. A visit from The Creep is the most fun you'll have being scared.


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Yay. That's good news... we can always use more shows like this. Also, I'll say that Shudder is doing pretty well for itself lately. They started with a library of pretty no-name horror movies, but they've really established themselves as a must-have service for horror fans, with some good original content now.
Even if the size had to be smaller, it stills works, because he has a rotting face... so you can't really go wrong. Even if teeth fall out or skin cracks... it's appropriate!

Glad to see you carve this one so quickly, Beast. I know you were hoping for more scary patterns like this.