Request a pumpkin pattern or critique the current collection.
Thanks! I can imagine a lot of ways to go with this one. You could carve just the fortune teller by himself... you could place a round uncarved pumpkin in front of him... you could place a real crystal ball in front of him... you could carve him and his skull "crystal ball" together on one pumpkin.... you could carve him on one pumpkin and the skull on a small pumpkin... you could even use just the hands combined a different face, to make a "reaching" creature.
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By Bravo020
The addition of this new design and some of the other new designs has certainly put my initial plans up in the air and left me in a pickle as to which designs to include and quite how I can achieve all of this in the time frame available.....argh! My mind is melting......
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By amandap80
I love it!!! It is such an expressive face and an awesome pattern. it gives me all kinds of ideas! :fangs: