Request a pumpkin pattern or critique the current collection.
By Ajax
MUMMM-RA has launched to little fanfare and no video??? I appreciate an 80s reference more then the next guy. He looks cool and I think I have seen the reference image of him before somewheres. Can we get an accompanying Lion-O. Hope to see more of this type of stuff. The 80s is huge right now and may be lost to the 90s in the near future. Hope your still working on that castle grayskull and :pray: Voltron. :thumbsup:

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By Beast75
I think this is a great pattern since there isn’t many spooky patterns this year so far it’s Mumm-Ra and Deadite Ed for this year.
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By Ash
This is awesome!

Mmm, no fancy media to go along with Mummm ra and no official announcement for the pattern, a handful of pumpkin seeds says Ryan is busy making a Lion-o pattern for VIP and the media to match :fangs:
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
I had that Mumm-Ra pattern ready to go, so I figured I should let you have access right away, even if there's no "fanfare" to go with it yet (I have something in mind). But I'm glad to know that you've come to expect some fanfare and promo images/videos. Because those are fun to make, and I hope they do drum up some excitement and awareness.
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By shaft28
See this is why I dig these patterns the most. Aside the style, occasionally there is some wildly random pattern that is just too cool.
Mummm-Ra come on!
By Ajax
Can we get Lion-O to add some balance?