Request a pumpkin pattern or critique the current collection.
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By firefly
come on Ryan lets see the terminators skull done it would look awesome
By oompaloompa1113
I definately must second the request for the Terminator. The exoskeleton face would be awesome, and I would HAVE to make that one!
By stormqueen29
I've seen that one somewhere already, I just can't remember where.

It was really good too.

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By Drayco
Count my me on seeing a Terminator exoskeleton pattern.
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By firefly
asked last year and will ask this year and next year and so on and so forth can we have the terminator cyber skull what a stencil it would be......
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By Tkaraoke
I was always a fan of the half robot, half Arnie Terminator myself with some of his flesh burned and falling away from the skeleton.
By ozzman39
I think it be cool to have a terminator something like this Image or the bare endoskeleton were its the bare terminator Image
By Ajax
love it but would do the exoskelton not the arnold.
By Ajax
Still like this idea.
By Ajax
Still need a terminator for the site. :oops:
By Ajax
I think it's about time I reevive this topic.