Request a pumpkin pattern or critique the current collection.
Oh I feel like a cheat 'cos I keep quite good photo folders and my first ever Zombie Pumpkins print & carve was Super Mario; 21 ‎October ‎2006, ‏‎21:26:50 local time lol :grin: Actually I could have printed something else first before Mario :thinking:

and my other ZP carves that year; I think the witch is a Pumpkin Masters design;

and the first stairs shot also from 2006 :surprised: So embarrassed that I've been taking the same photo for 12 years now; had no idea it had been so long :oops: :lol:

I actually thought I only carved Mario my first year here but the evidence shows I didn't and must've quickly been won over to ZP after several years of being a Pumpkin Masters guy, though I reckon these were carved with the PM tools as the ZP one wasn't out then :fangs:
I'm going to put my money on the original Pumpkin King pattern as the first pattern I printed.

The year before I started with ZP was the first year I carved a stencil. I carved a couple pumpkin masters designs. I liked one called Fang Face and I may have found ZP in that original search, because that was the pattern that I thought was Ryan's. The next year Zombie Pumpkins was stuck in my head and it still is :ghost:

I like Ryan's Halloween cute/cool/gore-with-a-bit-of-fun art style ... a little cartoon or comic book feel. If I could make pumpkin patterns, his are what I would like mine to look like.
I can't recall the first design that I printed, but I know that the very first ZP design that I carved was the Toy Story - 3 eyed Alien. It was soo much fun that I then ordered a set of the ZP carving tools soon thereafter and have never looked back since as far as I can tell.

Carving pumpkins with the right set of tools was the most important aspect, since then it's just been a case of simplifying the process, although since I started using Stick'n Carve for the past 2 or 3 Halloween's, I don't think I've adjusted the procedure at all. Gutting will always be a drill and Pumpkin Gutter, carving will always be with the ZP toolset ( I have two, one always with a thick blade for taking the tops off, and the thin blade for pretty much everything else).

My first couple of years of carving involved pin pricks and flour to see where to cut, this was just such a slow and painful way to carve, that when I started to use saral transfer paper it helped a lot, but still was a very slow process to transfer stencils to pumpkins.... but since Stick'n Carve...well I don't know how to speed up the process further...

Looking forward to a lot of carving again real soon, all pumpkins bought for now, about 21 currently, so will be a busy 2 day carving session in the lead-up to Halloween!!

Happy days everyone
I'm curious, I think I started carving these patterns a couple years before I joined the forum (or at least before I started talking on them). The first I remember carving was Kustom Frankie or Chewbacca. Both fine patterns. Could be a grinning jack, I do love those.
I did all 4 Avengers you had available in 2012, so it was either one of them (I’m leaning more towards Cap) or it was Jack Skellington.

I don’t know if Jack was the first pattern I printed, but it was the first pumpkin I carved. Although I can’t seem to find a picture of him, just of The Avengers. So maybe I’m thinking of the next year.