Request a pumpkin pattern or critique the current collection.
Ajax wrote:
Thu Nov 01, 2018 12:52 pm
Great selection of patterns this year. The only problem is 90 % of the kids that came to my house were either Spider-Man and the Black Panther. We really need another year like when we got all the Avengers to round out the line up. It's Marvels world were just living in it.

"Wikanda Forever" :!:

Ah 2012 was a great year for Marvel patterns. I think we had 5 that year alone and only 3 or 4 the following 6 years. I know we can't get every character but I think 1 a year would be nice. Only because they are one of the most popular franchises out and are so recognizable. They would all look so good in pattern form. Here's hoping we finally get a Thanos pattern this year.
Another vote for Thanos, Black Panther, Gamora, Nebula or the rest of the Avengers or Guardians. I would definitely appreciate more of the female members of the MCU as well. I am thinking of a Marvel carving theme this year and would love more Marvel Zombie Pumpkins patterns.

I can't get the idea of a Gamora pumpkin with a green light in it or a Thanos, Gamora and Nebula together out my head. That was a great idea mentioned up thread by Sloaner.