Request a pumpkin pattern or critique the current collection.
I think of all those female characters Gamora would be the most interesting looking. Especially with a green light. Nebula would also be a good pick. And they just so happen to be the most complimentary to a Thanos pattern. I assume we'll get some type of Marvel pattern, I just think Thanos would be the most popular. So releasing a Thanos pattern is a smart business decision for Ryan :grin:
Great selection of patterns this year. The only problem is 90 % of the kids that came to my house were either Spider-Man and the Black Panther. We really need another year like when we got all the Avengers to round out the line up. It's Marvels world were just living in it.

"Wikanda Forever" :!:
We are all part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe! Same over here, a lot of little Marvels and you can’t go wrong with those type of patterns as they are instantly recognisable.