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By Ajax

My kids watched this last year and noticed there are some Halloween movies and shows related to this coming up soon.

I would love to see cute versions of my favorite monsters patternized.
This was a great suggestion, Ajax. I'm all for franchises that get children into monsters at an early age. These monster kids are pretty cute, and the show is well done. I couldn't do patterns for all of them, but I tried to pick the ones that looked most instantly iconic for Halloween. Even if you don't know the show, who could argue with a cute witch, werewolf or Frankenstein monster?

I wasn't going to edit a video for these, but I'm glad I did... this was one of the most fun videos I've edited latey...

Welcome to class, students. Here at Pitchfork Pines Preschool, the fun starts when the sun goes down. That's because the children here are the descendants of famous monsters, like witches, wolfmen and Frankeinstein monsters. The moment the sun sets, they transform into Super Monsters with special powers. If I was still in preschool, my super power would be jack o' lantern carving.


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By Ajax
They are adorable. Will carve them on one pumpkin for the daycare I think. You defineitly picked the most iconic characters and the witch looks particularily awesome. I'm surprised Dracula didn't make it but maybe as a VIP? Thanks for doing those my kids will love them.