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By Zombie Pumpkins!
Oh, I think we're due for another pattern to get into the Halloween spirit. I scrounged the lowest places imaginable to dig up Uncle Creepy, the nauseating host of Creepy magazine. Feast your bloodshot eyeballs on a pattern guaranteed to leave you senseless with delight.

Do you guys know the origin of this guy? If not, here's a short history lesson about Creepy:

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By amandap80
I love it! Even if you don't know Uncle Creepy - it is am impressive spine-tingling carve! :black_heart:
By Ajax
Hey that's my uncle :smile: . Cool pattern. I recall watching a documentary or tv show about the creator and his house I think he lives in hollywood. He had all kinds of movie stuff and horror collectables and I remember thinking I want to collect horror stuff like that guy.
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By pagemaster1993
This is a really cool pattern. I like the art from those old horror comics.
I had no idea who Uncle Creepy was before watching the video, but I think this is a pretty cool pattern! :thumbsup:
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By SuperSonic
At first like mesmark I thought he was unique. Then I clicked on the image and figured he was in the Cult Culture section!

Cool pattern! Not sure if I'll do it myself. But I like it! :thumbsup:
By b2b
OOOH! What an incredible rendition of a great childhood memory! Can Cousin Eerie be far behind? He would make an outstanding VIP pattern to go along with Uncle. You can do this! :thumbsup: