Request a pumpkin pattern or critique the current collection.
Just in case Ryan was running out of patterns to come up with, I thought I'd add my most wanted patterns for 2018.

1. Dr. Loomis (Been begging for this one for Years. it's the 40th anniversary and a new one is coming out. Perfect timing!)
2. Laurie Strode (See above for explanation.)
3. Cover photo for the original Halloween movie with "The Night He Came Home."
4. Stephen King
5. George A. Romero
6. Christine (We could use more patterns that don't depict just a face.)
7. Michonne (Let's face it, I don't see this show being on the air much longer, and she deserves a pattern before it's done.)
8. More of the Stranger Things characters.
9. The Nun (Valak) This would go great with Annabelle. :check:
10. The Creeper from Jeepers Creepers.

What's everyone else want?
Thanks for starting this topic, Mayor. I like the idea of hearing everyone's top 10 most desired patterns. Helps me decide what to make (although some of these might be ready to go already :thinking: ).

These top 10 most wanted lists can also serve as a fun informal competition. At the end of the Halloween season, we can see who had the highest number of their picks become reality.
1. Jack Jack -- The Incredibles
2. Mavis -- Hotel Transylvania
3. Jonathan -- Hotel Transylvania
4. Stephen Hawking
5. Robert Smith of the Cure (it's their 40th anniversary!)
6. Evil funhouse
7. War of the Worlds
8. Graveyard scene
9. New grinning jack pattern
10. Freaks -- the 1932 movie
This is tough...

1. Han Solo with Blaster (Harrison Ford)
2. Gamora
3. Drax
4. Star-Lord
5. Black Panther
6. Thanos
7. Dr Strange
8. Wasp
9. Hopper (Stranger Things)
10. Will Byers

And I know this is cheating... but...

11. Demagorgan
12. Dustin
13. Mike
14. Lucas
15. Joyce
1. Remaining Sanderson Sisters :check:
2. Jim Henson 'The Witches'
3. Prince
4. Unique Creation Bat
5. Young Frankenstein
6. Grinning Jack ( a very evil creepy one!)
7. Uncle Fester
8. Garfield Halloween Special
9. Link From Legend of Zelda
10. Another Phantom Phrase
:jack_o_lantern: :jack_o_lantern: :jack_o_lantern:
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1)Mega Man: reasons why its relevant Mega Man X collection released, Mega Man 11 incoming in Oct and a new Mega Man tv series is en route.
2)Voltron: reasons why it's relevant Netflix tv series and Lego Voltron just got released.
3)Ash vs Evil Dead: Bruce Campbell has officially retired the Ash Character. Please do the ashy slashy puppet.
4)Black Panther
5)Blaze and the Monster Machines (son loves it)
6)Hatchimals, Lol dolls, trolls anything girly for my daughter.
7)The rest of the Gaurdians of the Galaxy.
8 )Paw Patrol, PJ Masks anything from the Disney Channel or Nickelodeon for boys.
9) He Man and Skelator because who doesn't love 80s toys. Relevance Skelator has for some reason made an appearance in Get Out, Boss Baby and The goldbergs and im sure other shows and movies recently.
10. Rod Sterling
1. Unique creations - character
2. Hatsune Miku dressed for Halloween.
3. Unique creations - scene
4. Lydia from Beetlejuice
5. Mythical creature
6. Studio Ghibli pattern
7. The Nun :check:
8. "Halloween" movie pattern :check:
9. Disney Vampirina or/and Hotel Transylvania 3 for kids
10. A Marvel pattern
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1. Anything from Black Panther
2. Wonder Woman
3. Gamora
4. Incredibles
5. Black Panther
6. Disney villains
7. More Disney in general
8. Anything Hocus Pocus since this year is the 25th anniversary.
9. Infinity Gauntlet
10. Black Panther

As you can see, I really want Black Panther.
1. Anything Goosebumps (The new movie is coming out)
2. Dr. Loomis and Laura Strode (The new Halloween movies is also coming out, and it would be nice to see them)
3. Venom (also a movie coming out, and if this happens I want that tongue sticking out)
4. More Grave Icons: Rod Serling, Stephen King, or R. L. Stine.
5. Bring out all three Sanderson Sisters. :check:
6. A new Mascot pattern.
7. Ghost (B.C. the band, preferably a Papa and a Namless Ghoul) :check:
8. A Unique Creation: Bats, Shrunken Head, or a Voodoo doll.
9. A Grinning Jack: maybe the Jack-O'-Lantern from Halloweentown, or just a new creation.
10. Other suggestions: Gravity Falls, updated Tree House Of Horrors, It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, something from Winnie The Pooh/Christopher Robin, and Eevee from Pokémon. (Is this cheating?)
1- I think we need more "Rock Gods", so anything in that category would be excellent, but if I had my say so It'd just be anything Metallica related, or Lemmy...... Or Ghost.


3- Wild West theme. Maybe a skeleton cowboy?

4- Gentlemanly dapper devil with suit and pitchfork

5- Studio Ghibli characters for "Kreatures for Kids" (Totoro, Kiki, Howl's moving castle, etc...)

6- Monty Python's Black Knight "Tis but a scratch" scene

7- Meme culture references

8- Alien Autopsy

9- Ed Roth characters (Rat Fink, etc...)

10- The Revolting Blob (Billy Madison)
1. The Unipiper - yes unique to Portland but I want it!
2-5. Jacks - your designs are the best and this category could use a bolster.
6. Bats
7. Happy Halloween word pattern
8. Big Al “I hit dingers” google it, work safe and just childhood fantastic
9. Cyclopse
10. A Rat
OOOOH. The top 10 list :jack_o_lantern:

In no order:

1. Skull Kid (Majora's Mask)
2. Tails/Eggman (interchangeable)
3. Luke Skywalker
4. Han Solo
5. Simon Belmont (Castlevania)
6. Grinning. Jacks. I'll take as many of these guys as possible!
7. Unique Creations (preferably a Bat related pattern)
8. Laurie Strode/Dr. Loomis (interchangeable)
9. Anyone remember the Moonlight scene in Pirates of the Caribbean (Black Pearl). Something like that
10. A Yoda update! (Something more like what we see in Empire Strikes Back/Last Yedi)

Honorable mentions

Izuku Midorya, All Might, and Bakugo (from the anime My Hero Academia)