Request a pumpkin pattern or critique the current collection.
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By sloaner
I think I was too young for Voltron I guess. I don't really remember it. But my buddy is going to also buy the Lego set. I decided to waste all my money on a different Lego set as you will see later. Hopfully you get this as a pattern, but after I get Thanos :grin:
By Ajax
He looks awesome :thumbsup: , what do you feed him? :thinking: Sloaner I would also love to see Thanos with his big gauntlet and well as some more avengers to round out the line up Black panther, Vision and Okoye with dread locks instead of bald. I am guessing the lego piece your talking about is the avengers heli carrier I almost bought that a few years back and it looks awesome.
By Ajax
One last hail mary request for Voltron :pray: . Comon Ryan you form the head :robot: .
By Ajax
I know must have got stuck between one of the Hocus Pocus patterns :cry: . Missing out on such a great pattern makes me want to Dive Hard into some eggnog and rum this holiday season.
By Ajax
Not making a Voltron pattern for the 4th of July seems like a missed oppurtunity. Nothing screams USA more then a giant Japanese Robot made in china.
By Ajax
Have not added much to my collection lately but here is an updated photo.
By Ajax
Ryan I've waited since 1984 has that not been long enough? :confounded: