Request a pumpkin pattern or critique the current collection.
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By SuperSonic
What a birthday present. A double pattern day, albiet not something I will carve since no in our area even remotely knows this show. Probably don't even know what a zombie is to be honest. I havent watched the series yet, but I like my T.V. shows to be either close to finished, or finished so I don't miss any of the story on a week-to-week basis.

Cool patterns none the less :) Can't wait to see what the rest of the month will bring!
By Ajax
As per Ryan's quote i may try to find a real zombie head and just carve the arrow.
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By CorpseBride
YES!!!!! These are going to be my first carves FOR SURE! I nearly spat out my coffee when scrolling my FB news feed just now. Holy hell in a handbasket it's Daryl time! :kiss:

Amazing job Ryan, I love the pumpkin pairing.
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By Pumpken
amandap80 wrote:I have never even seen an episode of the Walking Dead, but I might have to carve the Arrow Walker because it is just so freakin' badass.

I agree with Amanda.
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By nosferatu
Arrow Walker is THE pattern of 2013 but I love them both. The Governor however, oh, he ain't happy at'all. He's so mad he's popped his other eyeball and is already on his way to West Haven. He is on the lookout for a goatee head for his new and improved fish tank display. He goons make Undead Ted a re-al-e-tee.

I think this year there will be quite a few Walking Dead displays. Look forward to seeing those creative pics fellow minions!

Arrow walker is so cool. Can we have a smilie with an arrow through his head please? :D
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By nosferatu
:arrowhead: :arrowhead: :arrowhead: :arrowhead: :arrowhead: :arrowhead: :arrowhead: :arrowhead: :arrowhead: :arrowhead: :arrowhead: :arrowhead: :arrowhead: :arrowhead: :arrowhead: :arrowhead: :arrowhead: :arrowhead: That's your average zombie kill per episode for Daryl.

Thank you Patchmaster. I shall use it constantly :arrowhead: :arrowhead: :arrowhead: :arrowhead: :arrowhead: :arrowhead: :arrowhead: :arrowhead: :arrowhead: :arrowhead: :arrowhead: :arrowhead: :arrowhead: :arrowhead: :arrowhead: :arrowhead:
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By Raven
Tears. Of. JOY! I had the crappiest of crappy days today and I was so happy to finally come home and see these patterns!! Tomorrow the dead shall walk in my house!