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By pagemaster1993
I support this wholeheartedly. This site should represent (See what I did there? He had a show called Hitchcock Presents, and I said...Never mind.) Mr. Hitchcock and all his gorey(There I go again.)
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
Good evening. The pumpkin pattern you’re about to witness is no ordinary stencil. In fact, his face might be eerily familiar if you've seen his shocking motion pictures. I won’t leave you in suspense any longer. The name is Alfred Hitchcock.

You may wish to find the nearest murder weapon, and start carving this pumpkin immediately. And please don't hesitate to turn out your lights. I'm sure the warm glow of the jack o' lantern will be sufficient to melt all your fears of the dark.

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By Ajax
He looks fantastic bumped right up to one of my favorites. The likeness is brillant. :thumbsup: