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By snow2alike
I bought one of those !!!! They are very pricey --- I think I paid $34 at Lowes. But it does fill the room with color and the remote lets you fix on a particular color and control the blink speed of the color change! It is impresive. It even has "white" light to signify that the "party is over" Needless to say is does light up a pumpkin to the max!

I saw a similar light at home depo --- it was less than $6 ---- but it had no controls on it. It just did it's own thing! It was in the Christmas section.

I had an old floor lamp with a frosted glass globe (you are to avoid looking directly at the light bulb) reconfigured the globe, and mantle to hold a pumpkin securely in the base of the shade and you get a good light in the pumpkin too. It also lights up my aluminum christmas tree . What more could you ask for!!! (OK Cheaper)