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By paddy_babe
I was thinking of using glow sticks to light up a papier mache owl I've done so there will be a red glow from the cut out eyes, has anyone had any success with glow sticks? would they work with pumpkins? (I might as well buy in bulk).
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By suzika
The brighter, thicker glow sticks in the bright colors (green is fantastic) work well. We buy the ones intended for emergency use.
only ever use the proper army issue ones. (not cheap)

I tend to have a few in my backpack at all times, they last well beyond the expiry date, many varieties for short / long burn duration.

i've found them valuable tools indeed stuck up a mountain in sub zero temperatures in a 4 man gondola after dark to signal & stop my mate going insane! :lol:
8 hr burn standard would be fine, but expensive| to do.
simpler just to use some led fairy lights & block off the ones you don't want!
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By monstermash
I bought a load a few years back to light luminaries. The green and yellow ones were brightest and best. Sadly red was the worst but these were pretty cheap ones. One wasn't enough to light the luminary either. If your having your owl outside remember that the lightsticks can dim if its cold.
I'd follow what Gus said, get army ones, they will be more reliable.
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By paddy_babe
I did see a cheap (er) bundle of army issue ones on ebay, will look into that then. Gus your idea of the fairy lights is now my fail safe!
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By staticfurball
I've never thought of that but I did use some glow sticks in white baloons for a Halloween party once and it looks pretty cool. Also you can fill olf jars with white fluff or tissue paper and put the glow sticks in those to make spooky potion bottles :D